What is the product material?

Our beds, bassinets, chairs, shelves, toys and a few of our favourite mirrors are all made usng our favourite material in the world - Rattan (a.k.a Cane) We've listed some wonderful reasons for why you want to get our beautiful handmade rattan furniture in your home right now! Support Handmade In an increasingly mass manufactured world, it's heart warming to know that you'll be supporting real people in real places who lovingly handcraft our beautiful rattan furniture. Each piece is unique and our pieces are limited in numbers. Eco-friendly Unlike plastic toys or flimsy kid's furniture, Raja's rattan toys and furniture are quality pieces that are built to last and be passed down the generations. You won't be contributing to landfill with our products! Sustainability The rattan plant is not a tree but a vine-like liana which climbs the trees in rainforests and can grow up to hundreds of meters long. It takes a fraction of the time a tree would take to produce the equivalent amount of wood, is easier to harvest and re-plant than a tree and provides rainforest inhabitants with a profitable cash crop which depends on rather than replaces trees. See David Attenborough's video for an interesting clip on the growth of the rattan vine!

Where are the products made?

Our rattan products are lovingly handcrafted by patient skilled artisans in Indonesia. We love our rattan for its individual beauty and the stories behind the making... One of our lovely ladies producing these beautiful pieces has been taking her baby to work with her since birth so she can breastfeed her whilst supporting her own family, since she has no mother back in the village to take care of her baby. Truly heartwarming stuff!

What are the mattress sizes for beds and bassinets?

King Single Eden & Dreamland Beds Mattress Dimensions - 200cm long, 100cm wide and 10cm thick foam mattress. King Rattan Bassinet Mattress dimensions - 87cm long, 65cm wide & 7cm thick

What is the delivery timeframe?

Raja doesn't dawdle and we like to please! Once we receive your order we'll post or courier your beautiful goodies to you within 2-3 days.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! You'll please your somebody special with our beautifully designed gift vouchers. They can be put towards any products in store and have no expiry date. Visit SHOP > Gift Vouchers page to purchase!

What if I change my mind?

Everybody deserves the right to change their mind! We accept returns / exchanges on all of our products, as long as you don't mind bearing the shipping costs (there and back sorry.)

We are based in Sydney so if you are ''umming and aahing'' over which bassinet or bed or chair might suit your little one's room, and you absolutely cannot decide, then we are happy for genuine customers to come and view our products in person. Please get in touch via e-mail or phone to organise a visit with Raja!

How do I take care of my products?

Basic Care

Rattan is a natural hardwearing material and our rattan beds, bassinets, chairs, shelves and toys will all last for years with a basic level of love, care and attention.

1. Clean gently & do not soak rattan - dust the furniture regularly with a soft cloth. Furniture polish is not necessary, but can be used sparingly. Never use paint thinners or abrasive creams to clean rattan or wicker. Clean the rattan surface with a cloth barely damp with a mixture of a small amount of cleaning liquid and water making sure not to wet or soak the rattan. Use a soft toothbrush to clean in any wicker rattan, lattice work or crevices.

2. Remove Stains Quickly - Use a detergent and a harsh cloth to remove any stains as soon as they happen. Stains caused by liquids will be soaked into the rattan very quickly.

3. Treat mildew immediately. If mildew or mold begins to form, use a strong bleach solution to clean the affected areas. The furniture must then be immediately dried out of doors.

4. Vacuum rattan furniture with the brush attachment. Use your vacuum's brush attachment on woven panels and furniture crevices. A dry brush with a medium bristle can also be used for cleaning by hand.

5. Oil rattan furniture: If you spot split or cracked areas, apply a small amount of linseed oil or a wood moisturizer to help the rattan recover. It won’t mend the cracks and splits but the wood might swell slightly and become more flexible so that they become less noticeable.

If you keep your rattan furniture cleaned on a regular basis it will last longer and avoid the need for more vigorous cleaning efforts because of a build up.


It is recommended you use rattan furniture indoors as it can warp in outdoor weather.

Lift rattan furniture when moving it. To avoid splitting the fibers, don’t drag your rattan furniture around.


Keep your rattan furniture indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight. Rotate furniture on a regular basis to evenly distribute fading from sunlight.



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